20. Group Photo of All Coating Products 1
Media Blasting Underside The most economical media for blasting is coal slag. It’s effective and leaves the metal well textured so paint should adhere well. Figure 1 shows the car rolled outside for blasting. Figure 2 shows the work in progress, and Figure 3 shows the completed blasting of the […]

Media Blasting Underside and Applying Coatings

10. Testing Fit of Jack Mounts
Splash Guards This is a short post showing the last few bits of underside work before media blasting and application of coatings. Figure 1 shows a donor splash guard for the driver’s side. The original was a bit too crumbled to be reworked. Having surplus 304 stainless sheet, I decided […]

Finishing Underside Body Work

18. 304 Stainless Battery Tray Installed 1
Driver’s Side Reinforcement Plate Factory Saabs had a pair of 16 ga reinforcement plates/straps welded from the engine bay floor to the cabin floor, one on each side. One of mine was removed to repair a rusted section of floor. Figures 1-2 show the installation of the driver’s side replacement. […]

Miscellaneous Body Work and Stainless Steel Battery Tray

23. Firewall/Cowl Rust Repair Finished 2
In the portion of the cowl near the bottom corners of the windshield at the A-pillars, it appears that Saab stuffed some open cell foam under the cowl, perhaps as an air stop. It was, however, very effective at holding water and rusting out the cowl from the inside. Figure […]

Cowl Repairs Below the Corners of the Windshield

12. Door Seal Stop Plug Welds 3
First off, it’s been a while but I did some work in the fall of 2020 and this summer. This is the first in a series of five posts describing the progress. Now, regarding this post, I don’t know what the subject parts are called because they are not separately […]

Replacing Door Seal Stops

UPDATED 3/14/2018: The “My Big Saab Jump” article at the end of this post was a bit premature. I have significantly enhanced the aerodynamic calculations and trajectory plots among other improvements. Scroll to the end and click the image if you care to read the updated version. My apologies for […]

Yes, I’m Still Here and Other Stuff

11. Finished Quarter Panel Installation 3
In my previous post, I mentioned removal of the passenger quarter panel. Here, I describe installation of a donor panel. Cleaning up the Extracted Donor Extracting the donor panels, both the original and the donor, was not an easy task. To remove the original, I first used a spot weld […]

Installation of Donor Quarter Panel

42. Finished Passenger-Side Rocker 1
This is a pretty big milestone for me. It has been going slowly and will continue slowly for lack of time, but I now have a solid, straight body which eliminates a lot of worry for me. The body still needs a fair amount of detail work, e.g., base of […]

Rocker Panels Installed

10. Angle 5
I have finished installing the new rocker panels, however, I decided it would be good to make a few comments on the dimensions. I have seen other sources giving numerical dimensions and angles but the original rockers on this MC850 seemed to vary a little from those numbers. Some of […]

Rocker Panel Dimensions

Checking Bottom to Top Fit 5
It’s been awhile since my last post, just too many things to do and age is slowing me down. This post is about work I did from mid-August to mid-September but never got around to posting. I’m currently finishing up some added insulation to my barn so I can get […]

New Rocker Panels (Scuff Plates), Undercoating Removal