Welded Wheel Housing Sections from Inside 1
Patching Rear Partition Panel Before welding the donor spring support and shock mounting section in place, it was necessary to replace some additional rot in the rear partition panel where the wheel housing was spot welded to the panel. The first photo shows what I cut out. I did almost […]

Repairing Left Rear Wheel Housing

The first thing I’ve got to say about my temporary paint booth project is that I don’t recommend it to anyone. It will work for me but it took so much work to assemble it that it will be a semi-permanent barn space occupier. If you want good advice on […]

Paint Booth – Looking Ahead

A quick word about spammers. I had trouble with robots registering to this blog for unknown reasons. I have since added Math Captcha which seems to have stopped this. However, in cleaning out the spam users, I may have nicked legit users and comments. If you got nicked, I apologize. […]

Slowly, Work Continues, and Ducklings Update

In my last post, I said the I didn’t like the air hammer chisel method of removing undercoating. As it turns out, that opinion was arrived at due to my own incompetence, cluelessness, and lack of experience or any combination thereof. I just tried reducing the pressure to about 40 […]

More Undercoating Removal + Ducklings Rescued

I’m finally spending some time on the MC850 again. My son’s stroke was disabling but could have been worse. I won’t discuss that anymore because that’s not what this blog is about, however, my work will be at a slower pace due to having less available time. I have been […]

Back at it, Undercoating Removal Tests

The replacement trunk floor I ordered from Saabklubben in Sweden arrived last Saturday. It only took 5 days to arrive on my front doorstep after being shipped by Saabklubben. The floor looks great as you can see. Unfortunately, the day before it arrived, my son suffered a stroke from a […]

Saabklubben Floor – Need to Take a Break

Things aren’t going quite to plan. Besides other tasks keeping me from the MC850, not all is well with some of the donor steel I planned on using. I decided to strip the undercoating from the donor car trunk floor to make sure it would be a solid replacement. Bad […]

Swedish Steel on Its Way

This stuff is a lot harder than it looks. I watched a lot of videos, and it looks so simple, just drill some spot welds and off comes the panel. Yeah, right. Never mind that it’s tough to find the exact center of the weld so you get a clean […]

Some Major Surgery

I finally have the Monte Carlo down to a bare bones body so I can start doing some actual restoration work. The photo to the right shows the bare bones body. In summary, the suspension removal was simple and straightforward except for a few studs being broken due to my […]

Suspension Off, Parts Broken

I’m getting close to doing some actual restoration work now instead of just taking apart and cataloging. I’ve got the car on stands now, ready to remove suspension components. Although I eventually plan to put the shell on a rotisserie, I can’t put it on the rotisserie yet because I’m […]

Getting Ready to Work on the Body