Monthly Archives: February 2014

I finally have the Monte Carlo down to a bare bones body so I can start doing some actual restoration work. The photo to the right shows the bare bones body. In summary, the suspension removal was simple and straightforward except for a few studs being broken due to my […]

Suspension Off, Parts Broken

I’m getting close to doing some actual restoration work now instead of just taking apart and cataloging. I’ve got the car on stands now, ready to remove suspension components. Although I eventually plan to put the shell on a rotisserie, I can’t put it on the rotisserie yet because I’m […]

Getting Ready to Work on the Body

First, some background, but please click on the “About…” tab above if you want to know more about the reasons for this blog. Sometime back around 2001 I was gung-ho on collecting cars for my retirement years. I bought 5 Saabs, one 1964, one 1965 MC850, one 1966 MC850, and […]

My First Post, My Work so Far