UPDATED 3/14/2018: The “My Big Saab Jump” article at the end of this post was a bit premature. I have significantly enhanced the aerodynamic calculations and trajectory plots among other improvements. Scroll to the end and click the image if you care to read the updated version. My apologies for […]

Yes, I’m Still Here and Other Stuff

11. Finished Quarter Panel Installation 3
In my previous post, I mentioned removal of the passenger quarter panel. Here, I describe installation of a donor panel. Cleaning up the Extracted Donor Extracting the donor panels, both the original and the donor, was not an easy task. To remove the original, I first used a spot weld […]

Installation of Donor Quarter Panel

42. Finished Passenger-Side Rocker 1
This is a pretty big milestone for me. It has been going slowly and will continue slowly for lack of time, but I now have a solid, straight body which eliminates a lot of worry for me. The body still needs a fair amount of detail work, e.g., base of […]

Rocker Panels Installed

10. Angle 5
I have finished installing the new rocker panels, however, I decided it would be good to make a few comments on the dimensions. I have seen other sources giving numerical dimensions and angles but the original rockers on this MC850 seemed to vary a little from those numbers. Some of […]

Rocker Panel Dimensions

Erik Carlsson Wins 1962 Monte Carlo Rally
The SAAB community has lost its most iconic personalityThis is for the few of you who might follow this blog but don’t follow other Saab news. Erik Carlsson has passed away after a brief illness. It will be one of my greatest regrets that I never took advantage of opportunities […]

R.I.P. Erik Carlsson

Finished Firewall and Passenger Floor Patches 6
After finishing the back end of the body, except for some cosmetic work, it was time to turn my attention to replacing the left front wheel housing. However, a good bit of prep work is necessary before I can consider mounting the donor. The left-rear of the engine compartment floor […]

The Little Things Take a Lot of Time

The Finished Rear End of the Car 4
A Couple of Comments First, I want to thank those who have taken the time to comment, and those who have subscribed. Although small in number, as I expected, it’s definitely motivating to know that others are watching. Second, I hope nobody is having trouble leaving comments or subscribing. In […]

Nice Solid Naked Heinie

Completed Wheel Well Repairs from Inside 3
Replacing Shock Absorber Mount The right-side wheel housing was in much better shape than the left side. The shock absorber mount had rust and was best replaced. Additionally, the top, front corner of the wheel house was rusted and needed work. I first turned my attention to the shock absorber […]

Repairing Right Rear Wheel Housing